Do you slate your auditions? Why or why not?

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No, I do not slate unless asked.
answered by GregoryBest (280 points)
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If it's a type audition where I know the client will have to sift through numerous auditions, then absolutely! It's too easy and can be done in like 2 seconds. If I put myself into the mind of the client, I don't mind hearing the 2-3 second slate on an audition...and that's all it needs to name and the client's/product's name.
answered by RickBrown (320 points)
And remember, it's the first time the client hears your voice. So the slate needs to be in the same style as the actual audition.
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Just my name.  I want to give them as many times to come across my name as they can.
answered by alexrain (740 points)
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If it's required, yes. But usually no. The reason I don't is because my name and information is right there next to my audition (at least, here on, I also put my full name in the name of the file, so if they download it, they can just look at the name of the file, see my name and viola.
answered by morganb (600 points)
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Yes. Yes. Yes. ALWAYS. No matter where you are posting or how much you think your name won't get separated from the file. Always slate your name.
answered by CassieBoyd (650 points) 2 flags
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Yes!!!  Always slate (at least) your name on your auditions whether you're on camera or not.  Your name is really your calling card/your brand, and the client should be reminded of who they are listening to.  So much can be expressed about who you are in just the way you say your name.
answered by CatherineHunter (260 points)
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I always slate my name and if reading a portion of a script I say that as well.
answered by christinestevens (180 points)