What does the microphone symbol that reads "audition sent" next to two of my auditions mean? Is it a good thing?

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Just saw on two of my auditions a microphone symbol that reads "auditions sent" that I hadn't seen before, and just wanted to know if this was or is a good thing??
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Thank you for reaching out to us.

This is a new icon that was recently added to represent that you have successfully submitted an audition and that it has been sent to the job posting. It was mostly installed for your Deleted Tab to represent that an audition was submitted to any jobs you have deleted, as there was no indication prior to this icon being added.

It's just used as an additional reference and confirmation to show that you have submitted an audition successfully.

Hope this helps,

Voices.com Support Staff
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Very disappointing to hear and in other words it only represents auditions that got sent to the trash can.
Those are postings that you auditioned for and then deleted. I don't believe any postings are removed from the list unless you delete them. (At least that is my experience in using the site.)