My top 25 auditions don't get the "listened to" icon. Are they not being received?

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Sadly, many auditions seem to go unlistened to. A given job may attract 100 or more auditions, and an employer may find one they like before getting to yours (or mine).

On rare occasions I have seen a listing saying they will listen to all auditions, so I take this to be the exception.
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Hey, Dev! Another Iowa boy! I'd say "Go Cyclones!" but I live in Iowa City and saying that is a serious misdemeanor here.

It may not hurt to contact Support and make sure your auditions are getting through, but I think grcarleton is right on the money.

Your auditions, my auditions, his auditions... all sometimes get buried and never reach the client's ears. Some clients pick the first voice that's "good enough". Some don't listen to auditions with higher quotes. Others just get burnt out listening to demo after demo and go with the best so far (or lowest priced). I think some just shoot a rubber dart at the screen and go with whoever it hits.

Auditioning for jobs where you have a high VoiceMatch percentage gets your demo placed higher on the client's list but is still no guarantee. But I've found the VoiceMatch thingy to be pretty accurate on whether a job is a good match for me.

Not getting your custom auditions listened to is frustrating, it sucks, and it's just a part of chasing work here. Keep at it and try to enjoy all the practice you're getting.
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Thanks for your great answer.  I appreciate it, even if your are from enemy territory!
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This is a question I have for  I was awarded two jobs for the same company but only one of which was identified as having been listened to.  I had a problem with this because the one audition for which they had notes was the one NOT listed as having been listened to.  Even now, two weeks later it does not correctly show the fact that they obviously listened to the audition.
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