A thumbs up from the client?

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So on one audition I not only got a listen but also received a "thumbs up" for it from the client; so is that any better or any different than a normal listening to - and if so what are my chances?
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When clients listen to demos, there is a button they can click next to every talent's demo to indicate it was one they liked, in effect building a short list of talents as they listen.

This is a good sign, but it's difficult to quantify how good it is or what it means for your chances. Some producers will 'like' any demo that meets their basic requirements, so you might be on a short list with 30 other voices. Others are more particular and will 'like' only a few demos, so you may be on a short list with 2 or 3 other talents. Unfortunately, there is no way to tell from your end how many other talents were liked as well.

One frustrating caveat - Clients can (or at least could) deselect a demo they previously liked, so your demo reverts from 'liked' back to 'listened to'. It's like you made the first cut but not the second.

Still, it's good news and promising, but doesn't guarantee you'll get the gig.
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*Sigh* Just another frustrating aspect of this voice auditioning process. Recently I have begun putting some of my impressions and voice skills up on Youtube with my e-mail address attached, hoping that someone comes across it there and helps me finally cash in on my talents.
Yep.  I had the "thumbs up" turn into a "listened to."  Kind of "deflating" to say the least.  But at this point, a "listened to" is a little victory.  I'm completely new to the Voices.com way of doing things.  My first impression is....It's a much of a RACE as anything else.  How is it possible to have your email go "cha ching" ...you check out the new request and see that 18 people have already auditioned for the gig...is simply astounding!
In my experience, I've booked a job for every 9-10 "Liked" auditions.  I'm sure that everyone's experience is different, but I agree that it sucks when you get downgraded from a Thumbs Up in the next round of evaluating auditions.  Lost three this week that way.
You never really know how its gonna work. I have gotten thumbs up and no job but at the same time I have gotten a listen and got the job.