PPM Encoding a wav file in Audacity?

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My client wants an IVR job done in wav file with 8000 hz , 16 bpm , with PPM encoding. How can you do the encoding in Audacity? I found the other settings and sound like a slow motion robot...thanks for your help!
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Although PPM encoding does exist, I've never seen an IVR system call for it.  I would think the client needs it with PCM encoding.  8000 hz, 16 bit wav PCM is standard for IVR systems based on the PBX platform.  In Audacity, choose 8000 hz from the choices at the bottom left of the screen.  Then, save as 16 bit wav PCM.  It also helps if you go back in afterwards and tweak the EQ, then resave.  Hope this helps!
answered by JessicaFields (490 points)
Thanks very much!