what is a template?

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A template is a short message to go with your audition that you reuse over and over.

I personally have two templates: One that I use when sending a custom audition, and one that I use when I'm sending my demo.

When answering a job, next to 'Proposal', you'll see a link that says 'See a good example'. You can use the example proposal here to write an audition message that you can save as your template, so you don't need to retype a proposal every time you audition- just tweak it slightly for the job as needed.
answered by mlenti (12,900 points)
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Hi Lee - If you go to the "Blogs" tab under "Help,"  you'll find a blog called "Fake it Until You Make It."  In it, I gave some ideas of how to customize templates for different jobs.

Best of luck to you!
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