What can you suggest as a viable option for a phone patch for a home studio?

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I have noticed several auditions where a phone patch hookup with the end customer is needed - what can you suggest? I'm using Pro tools Express on my HP PC with an AT2020 mike.


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If the client just wants to listen-in on your session to give you direction, then I would say to use Skype.
answered by Steve-M (1,170 points)
- and for a small monthly fee, you can get a Skype number.  Your client can call in just as if it were a phone patch, with no need to tell them otherwise.
Might I add that it'd be a good idea to run skype off a different computer than the one you're recording off of - maybe a small tablet or your smartphone -  sometimes (depending on your setup) Skype and recording software try to snag the same audio driver and cause one program or the other to have a conniption fit.