How do I get paid?

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When you book a job, the client puts the money into an escrow account with  After the files have been approved, return to the job and click the "release payment" tab.  If the client doesn't respond in a day or two, message them.  You can also send them an e-mail or call (their contact info is listed under the payment tab of your job.  If they aren't getting back to you, contact and they will release the funds for you.  In over 100 jobs, I've only had to contact Voices once.  Most of the time, the client thinks that they HAVE paid you, because they made a deposit to escrow.  Just remind them to "please return to the job and release payment, so that I may close out the job."  

Voices sends a check or deposits to your Paypal account (as you prefer) around 10 days after the money is released by the client.

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