What process is working for transferring TwistedWave files into demo?

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I am using an Apogee MIC with TwistedWave on Ipad or Iphone, and am wondering if anyone has determined how to transfer that file into a demo
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TwistedWave is a third party iOS application. Currently the iOS does not allow 3rd party apps to add files to the iTunes library so there may not be a way to export it within the phone.

You can transfer the files to a computer. I found this on the FAQ for the app:

iTunes File Sharing can be used to send files to, and receive files from TwistedWave on a computer using iTunes.

In order to use it, when you are editing a file, tap the export button, and select "Send to iTunes File Sharing". This will save your audio file in a special folder that can be accessed from iTunes.

In order to access the files you have exported, you should:

Connect your iPhone/iPad to a computer with iTunes,
in iTunes, click the iPhone/iPad button that appears,
go to the "Apps" tab,
scroll down to the "File Sharing" section,
select TwistedWave from the list.
Now, you should see a section called "TwistedWave Documents" that shows all the files you have sent to iTunes File Sharing. You can then save them wherever you want, and use them on your computer.

Note that you can also use iTunes File Sharing to place files on your iPhone/iPad to be edited by TwistedWave. When you are in the File Sharing section of iTunes, simply drag and drop files in the "TwistedWave Documents" list, and they will be available in TwistedWave. In order to open them in TwistedWave, tap the "Import" button at the bottom of the document list, and select "iTunes File Sharing".
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Hey John.  I've got an answer on this that you're going to love and you don't need to connect your iphone/ipad to a computer to upload the file either!  What you do is download an ios app called iuploader pro.  When you save your file in Twisted Wave have it open up in iuploader pro.  When you do this it will make this file discoverable on your iphone/ipad and discoverable to upload to voices.com!
Hi, just tried the iuploader 8€ version, not working. Any clues?