I am only getting 2 jobs for hire when searching.

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When in the 'Hiring' tab, make sure you have absolutely nothing written in the 'Search Jobs' bar. Typing anything in that bar will filter out some of the possible open jobs.

Also keep in mind that jobs only usually are around for a few days, so it's possible you may have missed most of this week's jobs! Not many jobs get posted on weekends, so there's usually very few auditions open on weekends. If that's the case, just wait until Monday- there'll be tons of auditions.
answered by mlenti (13,020 points)
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Hi there -

Go to the "Help" tab and scroll down to "Blogs" then scroll down to "Fake it Till You Make It."  I noticed that your profile is really thin.  The above article talks about ways to structure your profile and demos to drive more jobs to your inbox.

Good luck!
answered by deborahsalebutler (22,140 points)