what is a match score?

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A VoiceMatch score is a way for you to see which jobs fit you the best. Depending on what ages, languages, gender, and other factors you have listed on your profile, you'll be given a higher score on jobs that fit you more specifically, and you'll score lower on jobs that are more general. It's mostly just for your own reference, as some people will do auditions with the highest score first when they have a long list.
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There is actually a formula, based on the number of demos, languages, ages and tags/hit words on your profile which match to any given job.  The higher your voice match score to the job, the further you move up the line.  For example, if we are both auditioning for a job and I have an 85% match and you have a 90% match, you would move ahead of me in line to be listened to by the client, even if I auditioned before you.  If we have the same score, the person who auditioned first is placed first.  It is useful for clients to hopefully be met with the best matches to their jobs first.  So be sure to write your profile to showcase your strengths in several places on your profile.  BTW, voice match scores don't determine what you book.  I've booked many jobs with less than a 90% score, but if I see a job I'm right for and my score is lower, I jump on it faster to get in as soon as possible.  Even with a high voice match, once it's over 100 (or even as low as 50-60) people ahead of you, your chances of moving up in the line decrease, so you should focus on jobs you feel right for first.
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