Would anyone be willing to provide some feedback?

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Hi!  I'm interested in getting feedback on my profile and demo.  Any insight will be most appreciated.  Thx
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Hey JA! I took a look at your profile and listened to your demo, and here's my opinion:

Profile: Generally, it's looking pretty good so far. I love the 'sterling' branding, very cool. My only advice here is that if you don't have any experience yet, I wouldn't bother listing things in your Experience section that are kinda-sorta relevant. It just highlights the fact that you haven't worked yet. Just talk about how much training you have and leave it at that. Similarly, I wouldn't mention that you use Audacity in your Studio section- it's a fine program (that I use myself!) but it's nothing to brag about since it's a free tool, so there's no need to note it.

Demo: You've got a good range of copy on your demo, but your voice is overpowered by the music. It sounds like it was recorded with a lower-end mic and then the music was overlaid too high, making your voice sort of melt into the mix. I highly recommend taking your clips to a sound engineer, or even getting your demo re-recorded at a studio with higher end mics, if you can afford it. It's really worth the investment!
answered by mlenti (12,960 points)
Thank you so much!  You've given me some great suggestions.