The Client has promoted their project. What exactly does this mean for me?

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When my audition has been marked with a check mark, and the explanation is "The Client has promoted their project.?"  What does that mean for me with regard to my audition?
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It doesn't have anything to do with your audition. Promoted Projects appear at the top of your job list no matter how you sort it, and supposedly promoting the job brings in more auditions- though I'm not sure how- perhaps by allowing a wider range of people to access the audition?

Either way, whether a job is promoted or not doesn't mean a lot for you as someone who's already auditioned. The check mark is in reference to the job, not your audition.

If the client listened to or likes your audition, the check mark will be replaced by the standard Ear or Thumbs Up icon instead.
answered by mlenti (12,820 points)
FYI - if you sort by "Budget" they move into the appropriate position.  I always sort by budget first, as the better paying jobs get hit with many more auditions.