Could you implement a ranking system so that talent can see how close they are to hitting the mark(i.e. Voices 123)?

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This would help talent to improve their skills and technique in auditioning.
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This has come up before.  Ranking systems don't really mean anything in regard to your talent.  Each client's opinion is entirely subjective.  If you need feedback on your performance, hire a coach, who can not only tell you where you're missing the mark in certain areas, but how to fix it.  I used to teach a voice-over class where we would play "Ad Agency."  Each person in class would audition for the same spot and then we had to switch roles and choose the best talent for the job.  After getting over being "judgemental," the students were able to set aside friendship and make the call based on their "opinion."  Often the talent chosen wasn't the most talented, but had some sort of personal connection or resonance for the auditors.  And they all disagreed - all the time!  So all you can do as a talent, is be sure you are working at the top of your game.  You can't influence a clients judgment and, trust me, you really don't want to know why it wasn't you that booked the job.  In this field there is a 98% unemployment rate.  It takes a while to book 10% of what you audition for.  Be patient, study, listen to yourself and be objective.  But keep on keeping on.  BTW - I used to be with voice123 as a 20 plus yr. experienced talent.  I didn't find the ranking system helpful in the least ; - )
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