I've finished the job,but how do I get the client to release the payment?

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There may be a slight delay between you finishing the work and payment getting released- some clients have tons of other people who need to approve the final read before they know for sure that it's the read they'll be using. The job could go dead for a month or two and then they'll suddenly come back with edits- you don't know!

For now, just alert the client that you've uploaded a read and leave it be. If they don't contact you for edits for a very long time (say, a month maybe), then you can hit the 'Request Approval' button on your files to remind your client that the job still needs to be closed up.

If the job is sitting still for quite a while, you can hit the 'Request Release' button on your payment, as at that point, the job is probably not going to be edited anymore.

If the job after that continues to sit still and not get closed up, you may want to contact Voices staff.
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I agree with mlenti, but not on the timeline - after 1-2 weeks, hit "release payment,"  if you have had no communication. This will usually illicit a response.  Either the client will update you on the process (it might still be in the pipeline) or they may not realize that they actually have to manually release payment.  This has happened with several of my clients.  Give it another week after the "release payment" option.  If they haven't given you some answer, you can find their direct communication under the "payment's section of the working job.  If you can call or e-mail them privately, it can get their attention faster.  If they still don't respond, then go immediately to Voices.com for assistance.  Part of the escrow fee ensures that they will do the follow-up and contact the client for the final time.  They will then manually release payment (an extreme last option).  Again, most clients are new to Voices.com and truly don't realize that the money doesn't go to you immediately after they've deposited it.  You are running a business and, even at the corporate level, there is usually a net 30 or net 90 (at worst) pay cycle.  Payment is part of business.  You are not "bothering" the client, you are collecting the "agreed" fee for services rendered.  If a client expects to keep you "on retainer" for months for the types of fees typically offered, they're the ones being unprofessional.  You needn't point that out.  I usually write something like: "Hello - I am just following up on the Voices.com job I recently recorded.  If the files are working for you, please take a moment to return to the job and release payment, so that I may close out the project."  This lets them know that you have billing cycles, just like any other business.  You delivered.  Now it's time to pay.  In well over 100 interactions on this site and others, I've only had a couple of instances that went all the way to Voices.com doing "Collections."  On other sites, by the way, you get to chase that down yourself.  I have had clients skip payment.  Again, rarely, but I like that Voices.com will take care if it, if necessary.
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