should I record full scripts for auditions?

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I've noticed that several posters put up their entire script as the "sample".  Should I record the whole thing and send it to them?  Does the site provide any safeguards so they can't just take it and run?  If I record only a portion of the script, are job posters apt to disqualify me because I didn't read the whole thing?

I want to give a job poster what they need to make a judgment, but auditioning with an entire script seems.... spooky...?
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2 Answers

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The whole script is just there so you can choose a section to record- it's not recommended that you record the full thing for your audition. But since a lot of people may choose the first part of the script, you may want to stand out from the crowd by recording a latter portion of the script.
answered by mlenti (13,020 points)
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mlenti has a good suggestion about which portion of the script to use, but you don't need to record the whole script, especially on a longer project.  Unless the poster specifically requests you read the whole thing (often this is because they have to share it with their "team" first), nobody will hold a partial reading against you.  In fact, you can choose a manageable portion and do a couple of different versions, if you have more than one take on how it could be read.  If you feel the need to record an entire, short script, you can "watermark" it, by putting a tone on it that would render it unusable as a final product.  If the client posts the whole script, more than likely, it's to give you a good idea of the scope of the project before you quote on it.
answered by deborahsalebutler (22,100 points)