Are all jobs through done from a home studio?

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I'm sure a LARGE majority of the jobs are done in home studios; however, some companies may ask you to go to a studio of their choosing, to work with the engineers in person.
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Unless the client requests that you record in a particular studio (usually local hires), it doesn't really work financially to hire a studio to record.  While there are jobs of varying budgets on the site, I'd say the average rate is around $300.  Not much to split on studio time.  Plus clients are now used to working with talents who can record at home and the turn-around time can be hours vs. days.  My ability to do an edit instantly has come in very handy for clients.  A home studio can be you, a laptop and a decent mic with something like Harlan Hogan's portable "booth", or a sound-diffusing closet.  As long as you can get a nice sound with no background noise, you can record from home.  There are plenty of forums here and elsewhere to give great advice on putting together a good, basic setup.
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