how do I know if my submission is comperable to others?

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I've done several auditions and haven't gotten a paid job yet.  How can I know that my audition is "up to snuff"?  Are others putting music behind their voices?  What makes mine so easy to pass up?  What can I do better?
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This type of site is really a numbers game.  Putting music behind your demos isn't advisable, unless it's been requested.  Aim to do 10 - 20 auditions a day.  See the blog I wrote "Fake It Until You Make It" under the Help tab.  Scroll down until you find it.  It will give you suggestions for your profile page and templates.  Beyond the advice given there, you want to do some triage on the auditions you do.  If you are doing auditions, and getting likes but no hires, use it as market research.  If you are getting lots of "likes" for medical spots or tech commercials etc., audition for those spots first, when you see them.  You want to turn in many auditions, but also be within about the first 50 to audition. suggests cutting it off at about 100, but in 3 years, I've found only a small percentage of jobs get a listen over maybe 60.  Voicematch scores will jump you over people with lower scores, but even with that, getting in early is your best bet.   Start with your most likely bookings and the highest paying gigs (they fill up fast), then do the lower paying or less likely auditions.  If those go over "50" it was a lower percentage chance of booking anyway.  These sites have their own strategies and logic.  The good thing is that you have years of experience in a wide rage of voice-over, so you can be open to lots of opportunities.  Tweak your profile, demos and tags to drive more jobs to your inbox and get busy answering them.  Results will follow.
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