what do I do if I am invited to a private audition, but it says the script is supplied?

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The voice seeker has, I think, viewed and favourited one of my demos (not sure exactly which demo was viewed and what favourited means), but I have been invited to a private audition. There is no audition script, instead it says script supplied. If the seeker has already listened to my demo, how do I reply and/or audition for this project?

Thanks for your help!
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Look to see if there is a link.  Sometimes the script is in the offer and sometimes there is a link.  If not, attach a demo that resembles the description of the job and be sure to say in the comments, "Attached is a demo that matches your job description.  I see that you mentioned a script, but it was not visible on the job.  If you would like me to record from your script, please send the script to (insert your e-mail address here) and I will return a sample right away.  If we proceed, you may award me the job via Voices.com."  This way, you get the audition in and the client is aware that the job was incomplete.  Often they will close one posting and open a new one, with the script attached, or they may send you the script.  Just be sure to look for a link first to avoid confusion.
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