Why do I get feedback noise when recording?

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My old microphone died. It was an Apogee that plugged into my Ipad. I loved it. I used it for auditions. I bought a new mic but it only works with my MacBook Air Laptop. I have tried recording things using both my GarageBand and my Twisted Air programs but I keep having this annoying whiny screech sound ruining the recording. I assume that this is a feedback problem. How can I fix this? Thanks, Kelly Sherwood
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2 Answers

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Is it the laptop fans? If so, you may need to get a foam guard to isolate the mic.

If it's not the fans, try recording with the laptop muted and see if that makes a difference.
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Sounds like you may have an audio feedback loop going there... i.e. the signal your recording is simultaneously being played back into the record input.  Suggest you go through all your software settings and make sure the inputs and outputs are set up correctly... and do the same with your mixer if you're using one.

Good luck
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What mic are you using? Maybe post an audio sample so we can listen.