how can I withdrawal from a Project? Job number # 98583

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Job number  # 98583
I am withdrawing from a job this client is from Hell I did recorded 2 times for them already with the specifications agreed and the client still wants faster (impossible) Thanks but not thanks I sent the letter below to the client
Dear Zayan
I am Portuguese language professor at University of Detroit Mercy
I have being teaching there since 1998 I do know proper language I have many students that moved to Brazil and are very successful professionals. Plus I did many commercials where people paid me $1,000.00 for 20 minutes of work. So your client seems to be Hispanic perhaps knows Spanish but not Portuguese he or she is away out of line. Plus my voice is very pleasant not mad or upset as this person says. So I wish you the best of luck! I am withdrawing from the Project.
With that in mind I do not have any desire to work for your client anymore
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You should contact customer service directly, so that they can work with you to release you and the client from the agreement.
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