Why can I not submit a demo even after signing up for the first month at $9.95?

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I signed up for the teaser price of $9.95 expecting I would be able to submit a demo immediately for an audition. When I click on the "My Audition" button on the page, it takes me to the sign up page for the regular price instead of letting me submit an audition demo. I will miss the deadline for this audition because of this. This is not a good way to start this relationship. Please explain why this happened and what you plan to do about it, or I will go somewhere else.
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Contact customer service - this forum is really just a community forum of other actors on the site.  The customer service here is really very good, and if there is a problem or glitch they will work hard to make it right.  

Best of luck to you!
answered by deborahsalebutler (21,410 points)