Aren't all auditions listened to when a associate is the contact?

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I know that if a client is the contact, he or she can listen to only as many auditions as he or she chooses.  However, I thought that if a associate was the contact for a job, all auditions were to be listened to.  Is that information not correct?  Thanks!
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I've been informed that a "voices" job will listen to all auditions.  If the job hasn't been listened to but is still "closed"  they may have not had the time to listen to the rest yet.  Also, some of the jobs they were originally asked to do could have been modified and resubmitted as another job, at that point they no longer need to this listen to the previous job's auditions.  But yes, they should listen to all auditions.
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This has not been my experience. I recently auditioned for a
$1,000+ job posted by a associate. I worked hard to make sure the demo was as close as possible to the specs, and submitted well in advance of the closing time, but was disappointed to see that the associate did not listen to it. A relative of mine on has had several demos not listened to by the same person. The same week, I sent a demo to another associate in response to a personal invitation, and was very surprised to find that this one was not listened to, either. It's very frustrating, not to mention disappointing, to see this happen.
Just to set the record straight - since I posted my comment, both my auditions were listened to. If I jumped the gun and they were going to be listened to, I apologise. If the associates listened to them in response to my post, thanks for responding to my concern!
Sweet!  I'm glad those got resolved.  Good luck!