Why am I getting auditions with a high voice match that request accent/ ethnicity that aren't in my profile or my tags?

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I am receiving audition invitations with a 95% or 100% voice match, but they are asking for an accent or an ethnicity that is not listed in my profile or in any of my tags.  Sometimes the request is part of the title of the audition, sometimes it is in the verbiage or artistic direction, sometimes it is in the "sounds like" section, or a combination.  I'm surprised to see these auditions in my emails.  Is there something else I should be doing to avoid receiving these auditions?
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Sometimes a job is mis-categorized.  I can't sound like an African-American female, but I still get them.  Those I dump.  If it is clear that the client is only seeking male talent, for a narration or commercial, I'll flag it as miscategorized.  I think that there are so many boxes for the clients to check that they may make mistakes.  Sometimes a job's parameter's change, but the posting client neglects to erase old information.  Like they originally wanted someone with an accent, but now they're open to neutral English.  If the posting doesn't match other areas of the description, I'll assume an error and may answer anyway.  The client can dump it if it isn't what they want.
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