What equipment do I need to record qualit voice overs via my Toshiba Qosmio Laptop?

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My Toshiba Qosmio laptop has 6GB of Ram and is a desktop replacement for when I'm on the road. I travel a lot. What additional equipment do I need to record a decent quality voice over?
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As long as your mic is portable and can connect to your laptop, recording with it should be relatively the same as recording with your desktop, unless the fans on your laptop are much louder than the ones on your desktop. If you find your fans are particularly loud, you may want to get your laptop deep-cleaned of dust.

You may also want to get a portabooth if you normally record in a treated room at home. Some people substitute this more cheaply by simply recording in a closet while on the road, or making a blanket fort to deaden the sound while in a hotel room.
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If you want a cheap travel mic that works well, but you won't be too torn up about if it gets broken/lost, I'd recommend a CAD u37 USB.  They're crisp, portable, and they are basically a cheaper version of a Shure PG27.  Of course, be sure to use a pop filter (Travel tip: Broken filter? Need one on the fly? Small quilting hoop and appropriate material can be found at a nearby fabric store in ANY town).  And if you're in a hotel, lining the luggage closet with the bedspread makes a pretty good sound booth.
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