how best do I slate the audio

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What slate is best? Just name?
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Just your name is fine. Personally, for online-only auditions, I like to use a slate where I say, 'Hi, this is [name]. Thanks for listening.' It's more personal, which I think is good because you can't exactly talk to the client before doing your audition.

I wouldn't make it any longer than a second or two, no matter what you go for, though- really long intros where you talk about irrelevant stuff are too much.
answered by mlenti (12,820 points)
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A professional slate is name only.  If you are reading for a spot with more than one character, you would slate your name, then the character's name.  If you are reading for several characters, Say your name at the top and slate between each character.  

The only other thing to say might be "two takes" if you are reading the same copy with more than one style.  That way, the client knows to expect the second take.  Slate "second take" in between.
answered by deborahsalebutler (22,000 points)