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Client doesn't understand how works. Keeps asking for files on completed project
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If the client wants more files after closing the job, just ask them for their e-mail address. You can send the files straight to them through e-mail- this happens a lot when a job is marked as Completed as a courtesy so you can get the money from the job ASAP, but then the client ends up needing revisions. I've had this happen many times and ended up finishing the job over e-mail by sending pick-ups to the client that way. This way, you get paid after your submit the first full recording the client needs, but the client can still get in touch with you for pick-ups if need be.

If the client is asking for something more than that, or is asking for something that makes you uncomfortable, then you may need to get in touch with Customer Support to help you sort out the issue.
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If a client wants to do pickups after a job has closed, you can do them via e-mail, but if over a month has passed, I usually charge a pickup fee.  This lets the client know that you are not on an indefinite retainer for a job.  The only exception to this is pickups related to my read.  If I mispronounced something, or the timing needs to be adjusted, I do this for free, but if the client has sent new material, after the job has closed, then you can agree to a pickup fee and bill them through Paypal.  Alternately, they can post a new, private job for the minimum amount allowed on ($100).  You can find their personal e-mail in the payments tab of the job you worked on.
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