Was selected (yay!) but client has yet to post agreement (1wk). Is this normal, or h

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Was selected (yay!) but client has yet to post agreement (1wk). Is this normal, or has the client not realized they need to? I don't want to appear negligent. = )
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If you got a message from the client, use that to respond to them and tell them you look forward to moving ahead on the project as soon as they have posted terms to the "Agreements" section.  You can also contact customer support, who can contact them directly and instruct them further.  Often, it IS a client's first experience on Voices.com and they may neglect to post terms, or to release payment.  It's almost always an oversight, or misunderstanding.
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Thanks! I figured that may be the case (no message from them, by the way) but I didn't want to bug them if they were still running around putting together their agreement. I know these things can take time - especially if they're being done via committee.  ; )
Bug them.  This is business.  You can be professional, but an offer of work is a business transaction.  It's easy for us to be too solicitous to clients.  It is reasonable to expect communication on a job offered, even if it is for the client to say they've put it on hold.  You should know, once the client has offered the job, they've already paid into escrow, so it's on - they just need to punch the right buttons!