If I am invited to a private audition but am unable to do it, can I contact the client to thank them?

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I don't want to appear ungrateful for being invited to a private audition, but because of the specifics of the job (having to record within a very short timeframe when I am unavailable) I cannot do it.

Is there a way of thanking the client without being intrusive or sending a blank audition?
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If you check the audition, you may see that you were one of a group of people invited, and that they considered that some of you might not be willing/able to do it.  I usually delete invites in this category, but if it is a client who might have future business for you, the only thing I might suggest is answering the post with a note which thanks them for their interest and lets them know you'd love to be considered for future work.  Since you must record a custom audition, you can record a section of their copy or re-record the note you sent.  Mostly though, clients don't take it personally if you don't audition just as I don't take it personally if they don't hire me.  And even though a very small number have sent "thanks, but not this time" notes to me, I don't really expect that either.
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Thanks so much for your answer. In this case, the audition closed anyway after a few hours, so I couldn't get in contact - but thanks. You're right, the client is unlikely to take it personally if they've sent out a dozen invitations anyway!