Is there a kind and subtle way to remind someboty to give feedback (rating-stars)?

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I have a "completed" job and already given a 5-star-rating to the client, but haven't received a rating in return so far. And I'm a bit afraid to be too "demanding" if I send him a message. Is there kind of a "request feedback" button? And do I need approval for the file? The job is "completed" and money is released, but the file hasn't been "approved" :)
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If the job is completed, it doesn't matter if the files are approved or not. More often than not, a job will finish out without any 'approval' of files, and the client will just close the job when they're happy.

As far as feedback goes, there's really not a great way to do it. I often find that if I remind a client to give feedback, they give a worse star rating than if you just wait patiently for them to do it themselves. If quite some time passes and the client doesn't realize on their own that they neglected to leave feedback, I'd recommend getting in touch with Voices Customer Support and ask them to remind the client for you- just give them the job number and explain the situation. That way the rating you receive will not be negatively affected by you seeming 'demanding', since the reminder will come from the staff.
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Thank you, mlenti!