I paid for an upgraded membership, but it dosen't show on my profile

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I marked payment by credit card on your site, then found my card would not work over intl. borders. So i went to Pay Pal and paid, but you haven't taken payment from them. And my membership hasn't been upgraded as a result. I sent an e-mail to Katie, and tried the 888 no. but got voicemail. There are some jobs I wish to put in for but they close Monday. Hopefully we can get this taken care of by then. Thanks
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Hey there,

This forum is for members of the site to discuss things and answer questions- you won't get any answers from the Voices staff here, usually. I highly recommend getting in touch with Customer Support about this problem.
answered by mlenti (13,020 points)
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I think folks may have taken Friday off for the Easter Holiday.  Customer Support is extremely responsive and I'm sure they'll help you as soon as they return.  Don't worry, there are many, many opportunities daily!  By the way - welcome aboard!
answered by deborahsalebutler (22,100 points)