Is it appropriate to contact client to ask what's going on after a month with no status change?

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I auditioned for several jobs over a month ago, but the status has not changed from "closed". Some of them "liked" my audition, and it's very frustrating every day when I go to check on them and see them still sitting with no indication of movement one way or the other. Would it be appropriate to contact the client to see what's happening, or should I continue waiting?
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Just wait. Contacting a client who hasn't hired you yet is considered to be pretty poor professionalism. If you've auditioned for the project, just move on and forget about it. If you get hired, that's great! If the job stands still forever without changing from 'closed', then clearly something is going on on the client's end that is holding up the job.

The only time it's appropriate to check in with a client for a status update is after you've been hired, and you're working on the job. Then, it's okay to check in with your client if the job hasn't moved in a while.
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That's kinda what I thought, but I wasn't entirely sure. Thanks for confirming my gut feeling on it, though. :)
I made the faux pas of contacting a client after they 'liked' my audition. I simply was not aware of the etiquette as I'm still a rookie. I won't do it again. Thanks for asking and thanks for answering.