Should I add compression or "sweeten" audio for auditions? Or is raw best?

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Unless the client has requested music, don't do it.  They have already made a music choice (or may not use any) and your choices will only conflict.  Also, it may look like you're trying to cover up poor audio quality with sound.  Just give them the same, clean well-acted recording you would for the job (or a portion of the copy).
answered by deborahsalebutler (21,850 points)
Thanks for the reply, but I wasn't referring to music. I meant applying compression and/or eq to the voice itself. Do clients generally want the voice clean without compression or eq? Or is it good to compress?
I think it's best to make your audio sound as good as possible. The client doesn't want to hear pops and hisses, they want something clean they can drop into their project. I would say clean it up as best you can to show you're a pro. :)
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The more "complete" your audition sounds, the better the client will be able to imagine the finished product. Some clients plan on doing the sweetening themselves, others will just be dropping your like on top of some music and calling it done.  I EQ and compress my auditions.  

Be careful, however. If you're not a pro, you could ruin the sound quality of your files and turn off the client. If you don't know what you're doing, you'll blow the audition with too much compression or poor EQ choices.
answered by Tobraham (1,230 points)
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I would use the best microphone you can afford and add compression.  Without compression it sounds weak and thin.
answered by markw51 (310 points)