how do I respond to an agent requesting a dry read demo

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I sent a demo to an agent for representation and the agent asked me to send them a dry read as they want to only hear my voice.
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2 Answers

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Did they give you a script? If so, read the script and don't put any music under it, and send them that.

If they're expecting your demo, just without music, are you in contact with the person who originally made your demo? They may have the dry files archived.
answered by mlenti (12,580 points)
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The simplest thing would be to select one of the spots you did for your original demo and just read the copy.  I wouldn't ask them for a script, just find one and read it.  Since they're just looking at your vocal quality, there's no need to reproduce your entire demo - that presumably shows your performance ability.  BTW, if the agent had trouble distinguishing your voice from your production, you may want to have your demo re-mixed, as it might be too production heavy.
answered by deborahsalebutler (21,850 points)