Do I need to hire a company with coaches and training to get into this field?

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You don't /need/ to- it's not like there's a license you can get that says that you got proper training.

But if you're completely untrained, it can- and will- show. Most people who've been working in the industry for a while can tell the difference between someone with training and someone who doesn't have any. So, if you've got the money and you're really serious about VO, I say- yeah, get training. And not just with one company- look for a bunch of different coaches with different perspectives who will help you develop different aspects of your skills. That way, you'll come out the other side  as a well-rounded VA, who isn't just a carbon-copy of one coach's ideas.

It's also recommended you do some regular theater training, too, especially if you're interested in character voices.
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Depending on where you live, you can attend classes or train with a coach online.  If you are in an area that doesn't have a large enough market for a local coach, go to then the "VORG" section, then "training."  Many of the coaches will work with you online or via Skype.  To answer your question more specifically, do a quality comparison for yourself.  Usually (not always, but often), people who post questions here are very new to the business.  Click on the names in the postings and listen to the demos.  Then go to the main banner page and click on the recently hired talent.  Listen to their demos.  Training is important in any field, as is a professional calling card - your main demo.  Knowing what will be required of you is easier if you've had some coaching and guidance.  

Good luck and have fun!
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