Can someone convince me this is worth my time and money?

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Are late comers out of the loop?

Having perused the site extensively, researching those who seem to be successful, I have come to the conclusion that a late comer such as myself will have a hard time ever getting to the point when any decent return can come from the time and money required to create a demo library, and pay for a pro account.

I have uploaded a few files to my free subscription, but I am not in possession of many examples of the work I did years ago. Although I am a professional with a very good voice, and I have experience, it will require time and effort to create a demo library that could ever hope to gain any traction..

Furthermore, I suspect that even that money and effort would be wasted, since I see that I would be a small fish (with few listens and reviews - e.g. not one listen to my demo since joining some days ago), compared to folks who started on the site back in 2009. I have tried to find myself as an anonymous site viewer and cannot - with appearance in the top 100 'new voices' likely to be a distant goal.

I also see that jobs average at $100- 250, and that those are gotten after many people have competed for the same scrap of work. This would be a waste of time, since I do have other skills. How much does a decent voice over artist make on Forget the big fish, just an average, yet professional and talented voice?

Can anyone provide any encouraging information on that?
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I wouldn't say late-comers are out of the loop. I joined the site in August, and I've had no difficulty creating revenue through the site.

Even if you don't have new demos for your profile page, which will make it difficult for clients to search for you in the database, a large majority of the work that you can get on Voices comes straight through the open auditioning process. You could do plenty of work without having any demos at all if your auditions are really spot-on, and then get yourself new demos later after you've generated some income through the site.

All you have to do to get featured on the front page is to book work- everyone up there right now are the most recent people who have finished jobs that they got through the site. So, really, one booked audition can be all it takes to get more views on your page and listens on your demo!

No one can really convince you that the site is worth your time, but if you're already a seasoned professional, all you really have to do is take the time to do some auditions. When you joined the site is, ultimately, pretty irrelevant.
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I have to say that my experience with getting helpful answers on has been extraordinary. Both attentive and helpful, the folks who make up the community are the best advertising for the service!
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Search Google for something like " reviews."  You'll read reviews by some professional voice over people who have tried  Then you will be might able to make a better decision.  

For a typical job you'll be competing with at least 100 other auditions, so do the math.
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I have to say that my experience with getting helpful answers on has been extraordinary. Both attentive and helpful, the folks who make up the community are the best advertising for the service!
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    I upgraded my Voices account to the premium last August and booked my first gig December (2013) and since then I have booked six other gigs with my account all within the price range you have mentioned. I will admit that I am new to the world of self employment as a voice actor so I have a lot plates spinning at once. And with that I may not have used the best strategy in order to book business on this site. I was auditioning for just about anything and everything I, personally, felt my voice worked for because never know who may change their mind when the hear your read then again, they probably won't. I submitted hundreds of auditions, received hundreds of likes, and quite a few favorites. Yet, those mean squat if you don't win the contract. At this moment I am considering whether I want to continue with my membership when it comes up for renewal this August. Now, I am also a member of Voices direct competitor and since I purchased my membership 4/22/14 I have booked 4 clients one of which has come three times with other projects in the last two weeks. I have made more on their direct competitor than here. I am not suggesting you leave this site or promoting the other site in anyway but, this has been my personal experience. I will offer this advice if you are going to be a member of this site and want to audition for jobs you need to make sure you are the first 25 to do so. It all boils down to being the luck of the draw because you could be the perfect voice for the job but, there maybe someone who will underbid you and in the end company budgets rule.
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Hi Philip -

I checked out your site to see where you stand and it sounds like you would do well here.  I joined a few years ago and booked within the first week.  It's really about how you drive job opportunities to your inbox and what you do with the custom auditions.  As mlenti said, almost all of the auditions your potential clients hear will be custom made for that job, so the demos you have already uploaded will be sufficient for a while.  There are enough jobs over $250 as well.  When I first joined, I did jobs lower than that to get some reviews - phone messaging and some small, local or web spots for around $200.  But now, I leave them alone and my business has grown even more (by just answering jobs above a certain dollar amount).  But first, you need to drive job offers to your site (after you join).  I wrote a blog with useful strategies.  You can check it out here:
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