Are audition demo samples available for guidance?

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If you go to the banner page of and listen to the demos of the recently booked talent, or the top 100 talent, you will hear excellent reads of different styles of spots (just click on the talent and go to their profile).  If you are unsure of how your auditions are sounding, you should think about hiring a coach to work with you and give you specific notes to improve your performance.
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Thank you. I've listened to those demos. They are polished and include music and sound effects. I'd like to hear samples of the raw, voice auditions that are submitted with success.
Everyone's rig/mic/post setup is different, so hearing what's working, in terms of auditions won't really help you all that much.  In most cases, the client will be adding all of the music and sound effects, so all you need to do is deliver auditions which would be the same quality audio (including editing breaths, etc.) that you would deliver on the final project. It needs to be clean - no background hum or bumps/clicks etc., no big breaths and no mouth noise.  You can add a small bit of compression, if you like.  When I used Garage Band, I'd choose the podcast setting, then play around with "male narrator", "female narrator" or "high noise" to very slightly alter the sound to suit the project.  

If you are in need of guidance on setting up your system for optimum sound, there are lots of tech-savvy folks on here who can lend a hand.  

Hope that helps.