How can I see jobs by the date they were posted?

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Sorting by job number doesn't work.  Today (5/29), of the 19 jobs I counted, 12 had later posting times than jobs with higher job #'s.   IE:  job #108219 was posted at 14:55, AFTER job #108310 (14:15).  Although those 12 are the most recent job postings, they get lost with the older job postings.  Anyone have a solution?
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0 votes has lots of sorting options, but date/time posted isn't one of them.  You can sort by deadline, which gives you an idea of how much longer they'll take submissions.  Here's the sorting method I prefer (everyone is different).  First, I sort by budget.  Higher paying jobs get more hits than lower paying, and since this is a numbers game, you want to get your audition in as soon as possible.  Even though there is some re-shuffling with higher voice-match scores moving up in the line, if you have the same match score as other talents, they will be ahead of you if they answered first.  Although some clients listen to EVEYONE, some don't and you want to get in before the numbers get too high.  Next, I look for the type of job.  I book more corporate industrial training and narration jobs on this site, so I open those first.  I can quickly see if the budget matches the request and answer those or delete them.  Next would be any game voices and finally commercials, which I book, but not as regularly as other work.    If you're newer to the site, you can do triage based on what auditions have gotten likes (whether or not you've been hired for them).  It will give you a good sense of what to go for first.    Hope that helps!
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