Whatis the ratio of auditions taken vs jobs hired for the average VO? (I know, it is differnt for everyone)

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I am just trying to use my time well.  Of course I can always get better and will try to only take auditions I know I have a shot at getting but just want to see if I am drastically behind the curve.  I have taken about 45 auditions with half being listened to and three likes with no hires.  I'm new to the site but not new to voice acting.
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This type of site is a numbers game.  I work regularly, but that does take a lot of auditioning.  To make the best use of your time, you need to "triage" your auditions.  Everyone answers the highest paying jobs first, so you should too.  Even with the help of a voicematch score (if your match is higher than another talent, you move up in the line), many clients stop listening after a certain number.  That number can vary, but it hovers, for me, around 60 listens.  I'll only answer something with more than that if I am PERFECT for it or it pays so well, it's worth the chance.  Then I go for the best match to me work-wise.  I do tons of corporate narrations and trainings and games.  Last, I do commercials.  That said, I try to get in about 10 - 12 a day.  I also have a minimum rate, so I can dump jobs that are below that, but when you are new to the site, you may want to stretch your rate to get some bookings and reviews.  I did that at first, but it is no longer necessary.   To be sure you have enough jobs to choose from, check out my blog article on how to optimize your profile page.  You can find a link here: http://www.deborahsalebutler.com/articles/fakeitmakeit.pdf  Welcome to the site!
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