How do I replace an .mp3 file on an audition?

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I'm applying for job number 110438.  The file I uploaded had a mistake.  I corrected it and attempted to upload a new .mp3.  However, after I upload the new file, I notice that the old audio file is still what gets played.  

I've tried multiple times and even notice that the file size I'm uploading is different that the initial one I uploaded.

No matter how many times I upload a new file, what gets played on the audition is the initial incorrect file I first loaded.

What am I missing?
asked in Auditions by scottreynolds (120 points)

2 Answers

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I am not sure if the job is closed yet and don't know if you can change a close job. If you have already submitted your proposal to an open job and the client has already listened to it I don't believe you can edit your audition by uploading a new mp3. But you should be able to edit it otherwise by uploading a new mp3 to replace it. Hope that helps.
answered by heidihotznourse (750 points)
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Does the new mp3 file have the same name as the old file? Sometimes if the files have the same name, it won't switch over. Try naming the new file something different from the old one.
answered by mlenti (18,460 points)