Would anyone listen to my demos and give me a constructive feedback?

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I really want to know if I have that voice needed in the VO world. Please do point out the things I should improve on. Thank you so much for your help!


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Hi Kayla -

I'm writing as a voice-actor, a voice-over coach and as a speech and dialects coach (see my website at www.deborahsalebutler.com to see what I do).  You do have a really nice quality to your voice.  That said, from a speech perspective, you are still corrupting a few vowels and consonants in a way that creates accented speech, which isn't bad in and of itself, unless an unaccented English voice is requested.  You have a tendency to rush a bit, which causes accented words to be hard to understand.  When you speak more slowly, the words are clearer, but odd stess can still make it hard on the listener.  If you are studying linguistics, I can give you some shorthand phonetic notes to show you exactly which sound changes you are missing.  From an audio perspective, your audiobook demos have too much noise on them, clunks, mouth noise and breaths must be eliminated.  Remember that clients on this site will be evaluating your recording as much as your voice.  I would recommend accent reduction training, a better microphone and better sound control in your environment.  If you are looking for coaching, contact me and I can recommend someone in your area.
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Hi Deborah!

Thank you so much for responding and I really appreciate your feedback. I would love to see those shorthand phonetic notes to improve my speech. I am actually from the Philippines. Do you still know anyone from my country who's available for coaching? Thank you so much, Deborah!
I was checking VASTA.org and didn't see a member listed.  You may want to check within the linguistics department at school or google "accent reduction" for your area.  There are folks who can work via Skype (check "everythingvo.com" then "VORG" and look for speech services).  I'm not listed any more, as I've been focusing on VO pretty much full time, but if you come up dry, I can help you.  e-mail me through my website above and I can make some notes for you or set up a quick Skype call (free) to talk about the phonetic changes.