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how much should i charge for pickups
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Pickups due to my read or recording are always included.  You can handle copy changes or omissions in a couple of ways.  The first is to bid a little higher and just include them in your job.  This lets the client feel they are getting a great deal, when "all pickups are included."  This can backfire with clients who are indecisive or poor writers who make lots of changes.

Usually I charge a base rate (which will vary depending on the original price of the job), up to a certain amount of copy or a per-word rate.  This can be paid separately, via PayPal, if the amount is below $100.00.  This also allows for you do do additional, paid pickups after the job has closed.  For example, if the job was $250 - $300, I might set a pickup rate at $50 to include up to 10% copy changes.  After that, you can charge a percentage of the original fee based on the percent of copy changed.  

You can also set a time limit for re-recording.  For example, on a commercial or short job, you may want to charge a full re-record fee on jobs CLOSED and PAID longer than one month.  This lets the client know you're not on an indefinite retainer for $300!

Everyone handles it differently.  Bottom line is to take into account how much your time is worth. The fee covers studio time plus you.
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