how do I see how many auditions the client has listened to?

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I see where it says how many auditions have been submitted.  How do we see how many have actually been listened to at the current time?
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+1 vote doesn't have the feature you're talking about and it's not really all that helpful.  All you need to know is if your audition has been heard.  Some clients listen as they get auditions, while others wait until the job is "closed" (no longer taking submissions). Auditions are ordered by when you audition, but can be moved based on your voice-match score.  If your score is 95% and some else's is 90%, you will move up in the line, even if they answered first.  To be sure you have a high score on jobs you are well suited to, be sure to optimize your profile.  Check out this blog (written for that explains how to do it:

Good luck!
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Thanks for the information, Deborah!  Great article too.  I agree with you on the template tips!