why $100 minimum?

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I have a simple voice mail message I want recorded using a very specific voice (and which I have found on voices.com). The message is 28 words and I think $100 minimum is a bit excessive but it appears there is no other option. Am I missing something? Is there a way to propose to talent a fee less than $100? The talent I am interested in is new to voices.com and so I expect they would appreciate this job just to get the ball rolling but I can't see how to make the offer for less than $100.
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Voices does not allow any jobs to be posted that pay less than $100. This is to prevent low-balling, or voice talents constantly undercutting each others' prices to get work. It's there to hopefully ensure that all talents on the site are paid a workable wage, even for projects on the smaller side!
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Regardless of the length of your script, the voice talents here are working within acceptable rates.  And even the least experienced talents have paid for this service in addition to paying for their own overhead, insurance and, as an independent contractor, paying both employee and employer taxes.  There is also a 10% escrow fee involved, so the talent receives $100 minus 10%.  If you are interested in paying less than the very low rate of $100 for voice over, you may wish to list the job on Craigslist or other sites where people are free to bid as low as you want to pay.
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