Appropriate follow-up times?

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I just moved to a new part of the country and am trying to rekindle my VO career here. So, in an effort to do that, I've been reaching out to studios and agents in the surrounding area to try and get some work flowing. I've gotten some positive responses, one or two 'we're not looking for new talent's, but from most places, nothing.

For the places that didn't answer at all, what do you think is a good rule of thumb for following up with these places later? Is there an acceptable timeframe? Or should I only contact them again if I have news to announce? If I'm not getting a response though e-mail, do you think calling is acceptable, or would it just be seen as an annoyance to be called by someone who's e-mail you didn't even answer?
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You should wait a few (3) months, then start with a phone call.  Introduce yourself and say that you are checking to see if you can send a demo to the (marketing communications director, production coordinator, station manager etc.).  Ask if they prefer an e-mail link or a CD.  If they know it is coming, they might not be as cold - also, you'll get an upfront answer as to whether they accept demos.  Some companies work through a production house or agency and don't want individual submissions.  Use the same strategy with production houses.  If they say they want a CD, drop it off in person.  You might just meet someone that way.  Good luck!
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Dropping the CD off in person is an awesome idea. Thanks so much!