How many auditions do you submit and how many do you hear back on?

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What is your success rate in landing a client?
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I do between 6 and 15 auditions a day.  You generally won't hear back unless you are being hired.  There is a system of symbols which shows whether your audition has been listened to or liked (in your "answered" folder you'll see an ear or a thumbs-up).  I've been repeatedly hired just on a listen and not hired (many times) on a thumbs-up.  It's best to just keep auditioning and forget about it.  I've booked nearly 200 jobs on this site (not everyone takes the time to post reviews, in case you checked).  Pay attention to which auditions you are "liked"on to get an idea of what to audition for first.  I listened to your demo and you may wish to create something that is more commercial and relaxed.  There is a big push for "real guy" sounds, rather than announcer these days.  There is also a webinar available on how to best set up your profile that you might want to check out.

Good luck and have fun!
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Thank you Deborah. I see you have commented on several of the questions answered here.  I really appreciate your feedback.  Would love your input once I get a new demo up.  Thanks again and have a great day!