How do I upload a mp3 file to Facebook?

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There's this little handy app that might work for you.
(MP3 Upload File):

Or you can do the following (from

1) Place your MP3 file on a Web host by logging in to your account, locating your "home" or "index" directory and then clicking the "upload" link or button. Follow the prompts to select your MP3 file on your computer to add it to your account and then make a note of this location. A Web host enables you to share your file on the Internet.

2) Log in to your Facebook account and click the "Home" or "Profile" page where you want to place your MP3 file.

3) Click the "Link" icon at the bottom of the text field and type in the Web address for your MP3 from Step 1. For example: []

Sidenote: There are a couple of free hosts out there, in which you could host your & being two free hosts, and then link accordingly.

4) Enter the text, such as the title of the file, that identifies your MP3 in the text field above and click the "Attach" button when done. This entry appears as a link when published.

5) Type in the information in the "Unknown Artist" and "Unknown Album" section (if applicable) and then click the "Share" button to upload your MP3 file.

*Or, you could always put a link to your webpage on your facebook, and encourage people to explore and listen from there :)

Good luck!

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