Does Support have workarounds/suggestions for Java security issue?

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If I understand correctly, Homeland Security is urging users to disable Java due to security threats ( Without Java (I'm PC Windows), I cannot play back auditions before submitting them. So far, no problem uploading auditions. Does Support (or anyone) have suggestions, or must I wait it out until Oracle fixes the problem? Is it my imagination, or are the hackers gaining ground?
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Hi Loretta,

The alert the US issued also actually included a work around that you may find helpful.

Go to the Java Control Panel that is installed along with the runtime, and in the Security section uncheck the option to "Enable Java content in the browser," which will disable the browser plug-in. This will prevent the inadvertent execution of exploits that may be stumbled upon when browsing the Web, and is a recommended setting for most people to do. If you need to see a Java applet on the Web, then you can always temporarily re-enable the plug-in.

We hope this helps! Support team
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Thanks Team--
I'd read about the Java control panel enable/disable workaround. Had also read that it did not work for some folks. I upped my security level, uninstalled ver. 7u10 (the culprit) and reinstalled ver 6u38 (also applying the enable/disable option). At any rate, Oracle's recent (yesterday I think) "run/deny" patch for ver 7 seems to be holding for now. Although not 100% immune, Mac users appear less threatened (maybe time for a change). Meanwhile, back to the rat race;;))