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Baz Hendrix
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Baz Hendrix

Baz Hendrix

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Dec 17, 2013
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Quite simply, THE BEST. Versatile, masterful, fast, and reliable. We cannot recommend him highly enough. If he auditions for you -- GRAB HIM!

Dec 10, 2013
3 / 5

Outstanding service, excellent result!

Aug 29, 2013
4 / 5

Baz is friendly, speedy and willing to do as many takes as it requires for the desired result. He conveys emotion quite well!

Mar 11, 2013
5 / 5

Worked with a lot of narrators over the years. Baz is the man! Very easy to work with and takes pride in his work. Looking forward to working with him again.
CEO-BBA Enterprises

Feb 1, 2013
6 / 5

Great job!!! Good price!!!

Dec 6, 2012
7 / 5

Excellent voice, total pro, highest caliber acting talent. Baz gave us plenty of options to work with and followed direction perfectly. In addition to all that, he's a great guy and fun to work with. The final product was more than we could have ever hoped for. Highly recommended!

Jul 28, 2012
8 / 5

Great voice and service. Very professional.

Jul 13, 2012
9 / 5

Jun 1, 2012
10 / 5

Jun 1, 2012
11 / 5

Jun 1, 2012
12 / 5

We've worked with Baz on several different projects and have found that he brings a lot to the table. He obviously has a great voice, but he knows how to control it and how to create variation. A pleasure to direct and work with. He also clearly knows the technical side of studio recording as well - the files he delivers are always top notch in terms of quality and presence.

May 11, 2012
13 / 5

If there were six stars, I'd give Baz six.

May 10, 2012
14 / 5

We were pleased with Baz Hendrix on the first read (the audition~!). He was fast to respond to our requests and very accommodating. We look forward to working with him again.

Mar 8, 2012
15 / 5

Top Notch Talent. Quick Turnaround. Easy to work with.

Mar 6, 2012
16 / 5

excellent to work with

Feb 28, 2012
17 / 5

Baz Hendrix has done a great job for us. He's professional and has given us fantastic reads with little direction. Would definetly use again!

Thanks Baz!

Jan 8, 2012
18 / 5

Baz is terrific! Not only does he have a wonderful voice he is also a great to work with. Baz was exceptionally responsive and worked to deliver us exactly what we needed.

Joy Evans
Jan 4, 2012
19 / 5

Baz did a great read (unsupervised, no less) for our project. He's got a great voice, a recording setup that sounds very good and he knows what he's doing. I'd be happy to work with him again.

Oct 12, 2011
20 / 5

Great work, Baz! You're our "go-to" guy, too!

Sep 8, 2011
21 / 5

We are very satisfied with the consistent professionalism of Mr. Hendrix and consider him to be our 'go-to-guy' for male voice-overs.

His interpretations of job pieces are excellent; that's something that separates him from those voice-over persons who simply have good voices.

Aug 9, 2011
22 / 5

Tim Meleca
Jul 14, 2011
23 / 5

Joey Leh
Jul 11, 2011
24 / 5

Baz was absolutely wonderful to work with -- extremely professional, punctual, and obviosly talented. He went the extra mile and delivered a V2 of the reading on his own accord and also recommended a background music track. Baz was essential for our project and we hope he is available for our future endeavors.

Jun 6, 2011
25 / 5

May 25, 2011
26 / 5

Outstanding work, Baz. Everyone loves it! Thank you!!!

May 17, 2011
27 / 5

Baz was great to work with!
He was professional and delivered the project on time.

Brandy A
May 2, 2011
28 / 5

If you ever need reliable voice over talent that over delivers look no further! Baz has excellent communication and the ability to apply any vocal direction you are looking for. Of the 200 plus auditions we've received, Baz came out on top as the clear winner. We look forward to working with him on future projects.

- Macafe Marketing

Apr 27, 2011
29 / 5

Apr 26, 2011
30 / 5

Baz did an incredible job. He went out of his way to get in touch with us to inquire about direction and delivery. He worked quickly and the quality of the recording was perfect. He was a pleasure to work with and I'll definitely be requesting his services again in the near future.

Apr 15, 2011
31 / 5

Thanks Baz, you did a great job!!! I am going to get this to the client soon. Cant wait to work with you on the other 12 scripts. I will keep in touch with you.

Apr 14, 2011
32 / 5

You hit it out of the ballpark, Baz! Sensational! Thanks so much!

Apr 7, 2011
33 / 5

Mr. Hendrix worked quickly on our project, was proactive, and his voice was perfect for the project. Red Planet Audiobooks would not hesitate to work with Mr. Hendrix again.

Mar 11, 2011
34 / 5

Quickest turnaround yet! Great quality recordings, will definitely work with Baz again.

Travis S
Mar 1, 2011
35 / 5

Outstanding , helped with the wording and fast service. Great Job!!!

Jan 28, 2011
36 / 5

Great communication and service!

Jan 25, 2011
37 / 5

Great person. Great talent. Worked hard. Recommended!

Dec 31, 2010
38 / 5

Excellent. Highly recommend.

Dec 21, 2010
39 / 5

Outstanding! Our highest recommendation. Thank you for your excellent work, Baz! Sounds great and everyone is thrilled with it.

Dec 6, 2010
40 / 5

Baz was AWESOME!! I came to him at the last minute with a rush job and he came through in flying colors. He is an amazing voice talent and would highly recommend him to anybody. I have a number of projects coming up and would only consider using him in the future. Check out his work its incredible. Thank you Baz. You're the BEST!

Nov 13, 2010
41 / 5

A+++ Superb!

Nov 1, 2010
42 / 5

Baz was quick, friendly, worked at the highest quality (in terms of the read and the audio quality) and overall fantastic. Very satisfied with the quick turn around on my project.

Oct 19, 2010
43 / 5

Baz Hendrix is fantastic. Took our script and truly made it come to life in a warm and believable way. Easy to work with, quick to respond, and PERFECT sounding audio. We couldn't be happier! Highly recommend!

Sep 30, 2010
44 / 5

Excellent! Baz has a wide range and was great to work with - we will definitely hire him again:)

Sep 11, 2010