Are you looking for a partner or is your company interested in becoming a partner? At, we make it our business to help your business grow. We do so through creative partnerships that are truly mutually beneficial. And like any solid partnership, you’ll get the resources and support you need every step of the way. Partners

Grow Your Business

What happens when you partner with the world’s largest online marketplace for voice talent? You’ll create another revenue stream for your business! Monthly commission checks are fueled by the referral sales you make from promoting products and services.

Reach Our Community

When it comes to adding value and sharing information, we’re all for it. If you have a product that you’d like to introduce to our community of over 100,000 voice over professionals, let us know. Given we’re aligned well in terms our brand values and goals, we can find creative ways to work with you that will serve your interests as well as those of the broader community.

Deliver Professional Products

Behind every story, there is a storyteller. Is your story being told with excellence? is home to some of the most engaging and soughtafter voices the industry has to offer. Trust your brand sound, and that of your customers, to the marketplace where selection, speed and satisfaction meet. Put our voices to work because we say it for you best.

Train Your People

Do you know what it takes to strike a chord using the human voice? It’s what we do! Trust to instruct your team via live webinars, insightful resources and helpful articles sharing best practices. By partnering with, you too can live in a world where thought leadership, vocal artistry and compelling content come together.

Channel Program

Are you the sort of person who enjoys bringing people together? Sometimes referring a customer is just as good as doing the job for them. At, we know this to be true. Connecting people to complete voice-over projects is our specialty. If you’re finding that there’s work to be done and people who need connecting, we’re here for you. By referring business to, you’ll be part of the creative process helping companies to sound their very best. A referral to can be a win-win for you and your client.

Channel Program Benefits

  • Align your business with an industry leader
  • Generate revenue with consistent payments
  • Create opportunities for and add value to client relationships

Content Program

Are you always on the hunt for new content? Work in advertising or production? If you need a steady stream of news, creative how-tos and the like, being part of our Content Partner Program may be the right fit for you. The team at has a unique take on current events, technology as well a treasure trove of market research and intelligence. Keep your finger on the pulse of voice acting and on the art of storytelling by partnering with us at

Content Program Benefits

  • Receive fresh content centering on production
  • Interact with creative professionals
  • Get in front of new audiences

Developer Program

Gaining access to voice actors has never been easier. Our API makes a world of difference, especially when you’re offering a one-stop-shop. Let us bring the talent to you! Imagine your clients being able to log in from anywhere, at any time with the ability to search for voice talent, post jobs and send payment online without ever having to visit the website. Sound like a dream come true? Let’s talk and make it so.

Developer Program Benefits

  • Build new web or mobile applications
  • Expand your existing web or mobile apps with data
  • Offer your users new features and functionality

Training Program

Designed specifically for acting, broadcast and film schools, the Training Provider Program offers educational institutions the opportunity to train their students on the Platform. We will provide student participants with online credits to hire a voice talent through the website, gaining valuable industry experience. will supply instructors with curriculum material to be used at their discretion. Set students up for success by ensuring future graduates are well equipped to enter the workforce with a firm grounding in online voice casting.

Training Partner Program Benefits

  • Certify your students on the platform
  • Access to high quality, professional voice talent
  • Voices available in over 100 languages and countless accents
Answers to Common Questions
What kind of partners are you looking for?

We’re looking for dedicated, inspired partners that are excited to make an impact on their stakeholders. At Voices, we place a high value on Innovation, Excellence and Integrity. The partners who join our team value all of the above while exhibiting a contagious enthusiasm and zeal for what they do. If you’re passionate about your customers and their brand, get in touch with us. We want to hear from you!

How do I benefit from being a partner?

In addition to our global pool of voice actors, partners also benefit from the industry expertise and connections we have to offer. Opportunities may abound for publicity, speaking engagements and much more when you become part of our network. We recognize that your success is our success. Recognition and celebration are important aspects of our company culture that extend well beyond the boardroom.

What's the process for becoming a partner?

We believe that every successful partnership begins with good communication and a clear understanding of how our companies can best collaborate to achieve a shared vision of success. The very nature of a partnership means working toward a common goal and we aspire to bring our utmost to any relationship we pursue. If you feel partnering with would draw you nearer to reaching your goals while adding value to our company and customers, fill out the Partnership Application on our Become a Partner page to help us understand how we can work together.